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Tattoos Together – Lauv Ringtone Lyrics

Said I’d never fall, I’d never fall
I’d never fall, but then I fell for you, mm
Back against the wall, against the wall
Against the wall, that’s how it felt with you, mm, mm
One weekend in Portland
You weren’t even my girlfriend
We were walkin’ and talkin’
Then somebody said
Let’s get tattoos together, something to remember
If it’s way too soon, fuck it, whatever
Give me shapes and letters, if it’s not forever
Then at least we’ll have tattoos together
Mm, ’cause I love you
Mm, ’cause I love you
Mm, ’cause I love you
Knew it from the moment, from the moment
From the moment that I saw you naked, mm, yeah
I could never love nobody else, nobody else
The way I loved you, baby, mm, mm
One weekend (weekend), no sleepin’ (sleepin’)
You weren’t even my girlfriend,…
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