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Bad Behaviour – Mabel Ringtone Lyrics Download:

They ask if it’s my birthday
Say, “What we celebrating?”
Everybody dance around me, dance around me (mmm)
The whole room looking my way
‘Cause the afterparty’s my place
I got ’em all around me, all around me (mmm)

Don’t wait, not a minute
We here, no limit, no pressure baby
Can’t dip, now we in it
It’s gonna be a good one
Never no pressure baby
I was unruly when you met me
You just have to accept it
And if you can’t handle it

Don’t get me faded
Don’t play my favourite
If you don’t wanna see me acting like a fool
If you can’t keep up with my bad behaviour
You can’t contain me
Every time I’m up I’m all around you
You know you can’t keep up
With my bad behaviour

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